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Lower Secondary Geography

Sec 1 and Sec 2 Geographical Investigation

To develop critical and inventive thinkers, the Geography department adopted the inquiry based approach where students were piqued to investigate issues within the Tampines community. Students in the Secondary One Express and Normal Academic streams, went on a learning journey to Tampines Eco-green during the Learning Beyond Classroom (LBC) week to investigate if the water quality of the water bodies at Tampines Eco-green were affected by human activities there. In Term 3, students in the Secondary Two Express and Normal Academic streams, went on a learning journey to Tampines Avenue 3 to investigate if Tampines has facilities and amenities that cater to all age groups.

During the course of both their investigations, students used geographical skills they acquired in the classroom, and subsequently proceeded to present their observation and analysis of the issues. These Geographical investigations, organized by the lower secondary Geography teachers, not only helped students to gain more in-depth knowledge, but also enhanced students’ awareness of community issues and their role as active citizens of the community.

Lower Secondary History

Sec 1 & 2 Historical Investigations by Humanities Department

With the change in the Lower Secondary syllabus, History came alive for our students as they had the opportunity to go on Historical Investigation (HI) field studies to the National Museum of Singapore and the Memories at Old Ford Factory. Our Secondary One students went to the National Museum of Singapore to research on how Singapore has changed from pre-1819 to the coming of the British. Secondary Two students visited the Memories at Old Ford Factory to investigate if everyone suffered during the Japanese Occupation. After their field studies, the students were required to complete an Authentic Task in which they had to apply inquiry and inference skills learnt in the classroom. Through the use of Information and Communications Technology, the students were not just able to collaborate with each other, but they were also able to present their research in interesting ways such as through videos and blogs. This was truly an opportunity for them to learn beyond their classroom, and develop a deeper appreciation of Singapore’s history and heritage.

Upper Secondary Geography

As part of the Upper Sec Geography Syllabus, students get a chance to go outdoors for fieldwork. They investigate a hypothesis related to tourism, weather studies or coasts, and gather their own data to prove their hypothesis. The experience of outdoor fieldwork truly provides our students an opportunity to apply the knowledge/concepts learned in the classroom to the real world, and through this, acquire new knowledge/concepts.

Humanities External Competitions

Humanities Department (Participation in external competitions)

The Humanities department is keen to tap on available platforms to expose our Hildans to more learning experiences beyond the school. One way to do this is to facilitate participation in external competitions so that Hildans have the opportunity to engage in a variety of programmes and activities to enhance their interest in the Humanities subjects. The activities Hildans participated in are:

NUS Geography Challenge on 27 Feb 2016




The 3 Sec 3 Express Geography students competed in an individual round, answering questions related to all aspects of Geography, as well as a team component, in which they had to present their ideas on urban planning for a fictitious city. This required them to apply critical thinking and geographical concepts.

Inter-School Humanities/NE Challenge on 5 March 2016





The 5 Sec 3 Pure Geography students pitted their wits against 10 other schools. Organised by Katong Convent, the first part of the challenge was an ‘Amazing Race’ section, where students had to solve puzzles and use their geographical map skills to get to the next location as quickly as possible. The second part of the challenge was a quiz on geography, history and current affairs. Our students came in 1st Runner up and were each awarded a certificate and $30 worth of vouchers, while the school received a plaque.

Visit by Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa Education Secondary School

Sec 4G students hosted 40 students and 3 teachers from Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa Education Secondary School from Japan on 17 Feb. The students shared about their lives as students and held academic exchanges on a wide range of topics, from environmental management to Japanese food. It was indeed an enriching experience for all as they collaborated on putting the reflections on their learning using ICT tools.