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Lower Secondary Level


Lower Secondary Level

Sec 1 Cohort Camp

Secondary 1 Cohort Camp

A burst of colours greeted the teachers at the SAC on the morning of 26 March 2015 where 278 Secondary One pupils, donned in their coloured Camp t shirts, gathered excitedly to commence the start of their 1 ½ day Camp.

The Camp aimed to fulfil the following objectives:

1. Demonstrate the ability to work in teams and develop a stronger class spirit
2. Be willing to accept challenges in the face of difficulties
3. Take initiative to lead and problem-solve
4. Build greater rapport with their Form Teachers


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Sec 1 Drama Education Programme

Drama Education Programme is a programme offered to Secondary 1 students to equip them with essential skills in role play and dramatization. Through collaboration, students learn to work in teams as they refine their presentation skills. To further boost confidence, students are to perform a skit based on selected novels. The desired outcome of the programme is to develop confident, caring and disciplined Hildans.

Sec 1 Learning Journey

In 2014, MOE introduced a new syllabus for the Lower Sec Geography with the intent of helping students develop an interest in Geography and a concern for the environment. Students will then learn to play their role as active citizens by contributing towards a sustainable future. In March 2014, the school introduced geographical inquiry /investigations (GI) to engage students and to create an awareness of geographical issues in Tampines to the students. They went on a learning journey to investigate the impact of human activities on water quality, collecting and analysing water samples from the secondary forest, marshland and freshwater pond at Ecogreen Tampines. The learning was indeed enriching and meaningful.


Sec 1 & Sec 2 Research Skills

Secondary 1 & 2 Research Skills Workshop

The Secondary 1 & 2 students went through a research skills workshop during LBC week that helped promote Self- Directed Learning and Collaborative skills.

The workshop aimed to have students skilfully manage and use information available on the Internet effectively and ethically.

The Secondary 2s also learnt about authentic data collection and data analysis to help them form their own research conclusions. Together, students learnt to collaborate and share ideas/ findings using Cloud Computing Solutions.

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Sec 2 Analytical Thinking Programme

The Analytical Thinking Programme is a skills building course for Secondary 2 students to nurture them to be analytical thinkers, logical problem solvers and communities of inquiries with shared social values. Using well-crafted games, it imparts a set of analytical thinking heuristics for better evaluation and appreciation of concepts, relations and issues across disciplines and within subject domains. Students are taught skills such as cost and benefit analysis, SWOT analysis, reasoning and synthesis skills, framing questions and making sound decisions based on data. The benefit of this programme is to provide the social context for students to apply their social skills to achieve high level competencies in problem solving.

(Source: Adapted from “Teacher’s Guide to Analytical Thinking Skills” (Logicmills Learning Centre Pte Ltd, 2009)

Sec 2 Overseas Integrated Learning Journey

To appreciate Singapore’s heritage and to provide a rich authentic learning experience, Sec 2 students participated in an Overseas Integrated Learning (OIL) journey. Students conducted an investigation to determine Singapore’s success in preservation of heritage. Using Malacca as a case study, students explored certain sites to learn how Malacca was successful in retaining their culture and heritage. The students took their discussion with their group members online using Google Drive as a platform where they discussed the success of Malacca in preservation of heritage and relate it to Singapore. The final product is a persuasive essay which requires them to convince readers that Singapore has or has not been successful in preserving their heritage.