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Character & Citizenship Education


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Character & Citizenship Education

"Every Hildan A Leader of Influence for the Common Good"


CCE Framework


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CCE Core Curriculum

Objective: To equip pupils with Social and Emotional Competencies and inculcate values

SEL / Cyber Wellness / Sexuality Education / Education Career Guidance Lessons

  • Assembly Programme
  • My Classroom, My Pride
  • Outstanding Class Award
  • Most Valued Classmate
  • Wednesdays with Form Teachers
CCE through Christian Education

Objective: To nurture pupils with good moral values through Christian Principles

  • Morning Devotion & Singspiration
  • Chapel Periods
  • Praise and Fellowship Week
CCE through National Education

Objective: To develop the national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future of Singapore

  • Commemoration of NE Days

Total Defence Day

International Friendship Day

Racial Harmony Day

National Day

  • Learning Journeys

Sec 1: Integrated Learning Journey to Local Destination

Sec 2: Overseas Integrated Learning Journey (Muar / Malacca)

CCE through Values in Action

Objective: To nurture our pupils to become concerned citizens and active contributors of our nation

  • Service Learning / Community Involvement Programme

Sec 1: Service to the Classroom / School Environment

Sec 2: Service to the School / External Environment

Sec 3: Service to the Community (VWOs)

Sec 4/5: National Day CIP (Environment related projects)

  • Requirements

All pupils must fulfil a minimum of 6 hours of service in the school CIP.

Students with 100 hours of CIP will account for a maximum of 5 points in the CCA LEAPS grading system.

Students with 100 hours of CIP in the same year will be nominated for EAGLES Award.

CCE through Aesthetics Education
  • Sec 1 Drama Education Programme (DEP)
  • Sec 1 and 2 General Music Programme
  • Sec 1 and 2 Visual Art Programme
  • Sec 3 Dance Programme
  • AEP Assembly Programmes: Exposure to music, dance and theatre performance
  • AEP Enrichment Programmes: Arts Experience Programmes & Arts Treat! a.k.a. Arts Appreciation Day
  • Arts Extension Programme: Arts Excursion, Synergy Night, Impression and M.A.D (Mad About Drama) Production
  • Participation in school-based or external competitions and exhibitions
CCE through Physical Education (PE)
  • PE Lessons
  • Sports & Games Programmes

Inter class Games

Inter CCA Games

Sports Education Programme

  • Physical & Fitness Programme

NAPFA Challenge

Sports Day

Cross Country Day

Health and Fitness Programme

Sports Carnival

  • Outdoor Education Programme

Sec 3 OBS Leadership Training

Uniformed Group’s Overseas Expedition

Sexuality Education