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Cyber Wellness


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Cyber Wellness

"Every Hildan a confident, competent & disciplined learner, leveraging ICT for quality learning."


SHSS Cyber Wellness Curriculum

Secondary One
Cultivate personal growth for personal   

- Showing care and respect for self and others, & understanding their roles and responsibilities in digital environment.

Secondary Two
Strengthen personal effectiveness…strong     
sense of respect…responsible...contributing

- Taking responsibility for their own well-being, and influencing and impacting others positively within their means and sphere of influence.

Secondary Three
Do their level best in every pursuit

- Building their personal resilience in contributing towards national resilience - by being proactive in promoting harmony within the community and nation.

Secondary Four/Five
Strengthen excellence mindset

- Being people of integrity, and leading and inspiring others to work towards the common good of nation, now & in future.   
- Being a change maker, seeing possibilities and tapping on opportunities to make a positive impact.

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