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National Education Programme

NDP Carnival

SHSS is privileged to work with People's Association and Tampines PCF Kindergarten to put up this year's National Day Observance Ceremony held on 8 Aug 2014 at Tampines Central Park @ Tampines St 83. We are very honoured to have our very own Education Minister and Advisor to the Tampines GRC, Mr Heng Swee Keat, as our Guest of Honour, for that day. 

We also had a Carnival after the ceremony. All proceeds from the carnival sales were donated to St Andrew's Community Hospital.

National Day Carnival Photos

Racial Harmony

Racial Harmony Day Instagram Competiton 2015
On 21 July 2015, Racial Harmony Day, our school held an Instagram Competition. Students were given a whole day to take photographs with their friends and teachers in ethnic costumes.  Here are the four winning entries:

Instagram Competition 2015 Photos 
SG 50 Lantern Festival and our D&T staff, Mr Chew Chye Leng
This "SG50 lantern" depicting our Singapore Flyer, is made from a bicycle rim, empty green tea bottles, a discarded toy race car, a piece of PVC pipe found in a recycle bin, plywood from an old bedframe, and decorations from a Christmas tree such as light bulbs and  tinsel garland.

It belongs to Mr Chew Chyle Leng of D&T Department who has a hobby of making lanterns from recycled items for more than 20 years.  This SG50 Lantern entered the single-person competition organised by Singapore Expo on 18th Sept 2015 at Hall 6 for the event entitled ‘Celebrating SG 50’. 

Lantern Festival 2015

Total Defence Day

To drive the NE message home, the commemoration of Total Defence Day and the Lunar New New Eve celebrations were held concurrently. Despite the festive mood, the day began solemnly with the blast of air raid sirens. A ‘radio broadcaster’ announced over the PA system that Singapore had fallen, reenacting how it was 73 years ago. Teachers brought the students down memory lane through videos, stories and photos, recalling the tough three years of our Singapore’s history. To further re-live the Japanese Occupation periods, students experienced food rationing where they had to share sweet potatoes. Teachers then facilitated a discussion on they felt as a citizen. Through this experiential process, students learnt that peace and prosperity should never be taken for granted, and to always count their blessings.

Written by the NE Committee

Total defence day 1.jpg

Total defence day 2.jpg