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New Zealand Exchange


On the 2nd of June 2014 to 11th of June 2014, 16 students together with Mr Pong Wen Long, Mr Chan Chee Keong and Ms Hazel Lim from St. Hildas Secondary School went on a cultural exchange trip to Rangeview Intermediate School in Auckland, New Zealand. There, our students learnt the steps in making a poi i.e. a traditional object used in the Maori culture, as well as had the opportunity to experience a Hakka welcome. Students also were able to learn how New Zealand and Singapore differed in their way of life when they interacted with their friends in Rangeview.

Students also had the opportunity to visit a sheep show and farm tour, hence having the experience to feed the sheep as well as watch a sheep being sheared. Students also watched a geyser erupting which was an excitable moment for them as it was the first time they saw a real life geyser.

This year’s trip also featured a guided tour to Hobbiton, one of New Zealand’s biggest international and domestic tourist spots. At Hobbiton, students were not only able to see the shire; which is a part of the movie set of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’, but they were also shown various filming techniques used within the film, one being how the director managed to make the hobbits look shorter on film. The guided tour was not only fun, but also educational and interesting. Many selfies were also taken within the shire as the place was truly a place of scenic beauty!

This year’s trip also featured a prawn farm tour and our students had the opportunity to see how prawns were bred, as well as how to catch prawns using a fishing line and hook. This was a first time experience for everyone as they were catching prawns in the winter. The experience taught our students on perseverance and it was inspiring to see all of them stay committed in trying to catch at least one prawn despite the cold winter air!

We would like to thank God for being with us in the trip, causing it to be a truly blessed trip!




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