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In St. Hilda’s Secondary School, Service Learning (S-L) plays a crucial role in nurturing our students to become Caring and Collaborative Contributors of our nation. We strongly believe that when students serve the community, they will learn to empathise with the needs of the community, as well as equipping them with important social-emotional and 21st Century competencies.

This year, in celebration of St. Hilda’s Secondary School’s 80th Anniversary, we seek to spur Hildans to emulate our founder, Arch-deacon Graham White, whose legacy is his sacrificial love and service to the Lord and the people in Singapore. It is with this intent that we launched the inaugural ‘Graham White Lecture on Citizenship’, to inspire Hildans to be ‘God-fearing Citizens for our Nation’. With the approach of “Think Globally, Act Locally”, a lecture cum S-L symposium was organised on 7 March, with the purpose of:

  • Engaging Hildans to think critically and deeply on social issues faced by Singapore
  • Encouraging Hildans to be inventive in thinking of ways to contribute
  • Challenging Hildans to be caring and collaborative contributors to the community

Mr Gerard Ee, Chairman of Council for Third Age, was the Guest-of-Honour. In his speech, he raised awareness amongst Hildans on the various social issues in Singapore, challenging the students to contribute to building a better Singapore through meaningful S-L projects.

A total of 22 organisations were represented at the Symposium, providing our students with an authentic S-L experience and broadening their perspectives on the wide-ranging needs in the community. This partnership has indeed made learning more holistic, as we equip our young Hildans to carry the legacy forward.