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In St. Hilda’s Secondary School, Service Learning (S-L) plays a crucial role in nurturing our students to become Caring and Collaborative Contributors of our nation. We strongly believe that when students serve the community, they will learn to empathise with the needs of the community, as well as equipping them with important social-emotional and 21st Century competencies.

“The act of volunteering will help foster a better Singapore, where no one is left behind… doing good for others, caring for the vulnerable and needy, deepening our sense of responsibility for one another – these will help us build a better home, where every Singaporean contributes to a caring society and in turn enjoys strong social support.”

                                                                                                                                             Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

                                                                                                                            Address at the inaugural SGCares Carnival

Indeed, it is our responsibility to weave the fabric of our society together, in this place we proudly call Home. As part of our efforts to nurture our students to become Caring and Collaborative Contributors of our nation, St. Hilda’s Secondary School organises a Service Learning (S-L) Symposium every year to create an opportunity to engage the Heads and Hearts of our students in serving the community through the Graham White Lecture on Citizenship.

This year, we had the privilege of Mr Glenn Lim, founder of social enterprise Architects of Life, as our keynote speaker. In line with our school theme of ‘Leading Self and Empowering Others, he shared three key attitudes to adopt in order to impact the community positively: Responsibility, Resourcefulness and Resilience. After engaging Hildans at the ‘Head and ‘Heart level, they had an authentic Service Learning experience when they visited exhibition booths set up by 21 organisations which broadened their perspectives on the wide-ranging needs in the community.

To take our signature programme to the next level, we extended the symposium to all Secondary Schools in Singapore to provide sharing of ideas amongst teachers so as to achieve the larger goal of effective educating and mobilising our students to be useful Citizens. Concurrent sessions were carried out after the lecture for teachers to learn from other schools. It was heartening to see 94 teachers and 353 students from 54 schools turn up for the symposium. We intend to bless the education fraternity through this programme biennially in the years to come. This partnership with schools and organisations have indeed made learning more holistic for both teachers and students, as we equip our young ones to carry the Hildan Legacy forward.

Biennial Service Learning Symposium for Schools 2018

Bicentenial 2018.JPG