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                                                          "Be enriched by the Arts."


An integral part of holistic learner development, Aesthetics education in SHSS nurtures an appreciation of the Arts via thinking routines, building cross-cultural, social and global awareness, exposure to varied art forms, arts critique and learning by doing. Aesthetics education is key to developing students’ visual literacy to critically discern and process information so as to communicate effectively in the 21st Century. Besides enhancing students’ creative and expressive capacities, the Arts play an important role in shaping their personal, cultural and social identity, and hence how they relate with others. Our Aesthetics team comprises the Art Unit, the Music Unit as well as Visual and Performing Arts CCAs.


To enable every child to enjoy and value the Arts, make meaning and communicate through the Arts, and impact society through connecting with community and culture.


The 4 desired outcomes of the Aesthetics department are:
Confident participants in the Aesthetics
Quality Aesthetics curriculum
Visible Aesthetics culture
Impact society

Key Programmes / Enrichment

The Department adopts a three-pronged approach – 3’E’s: Exposure, Experience, Extension – to deliver broad-based and customised Aesthetics programmes for Hildans.

Instructional Programmes include: the General Art Programme and General Music Programme.

Signature Programmes include: the Arts Exposure Programme (i.e. professional performances planned for various cohorts), Integrated Learning Journeys (e.g. for students to understand the historical, cultural and aesthetic value of Peranakan heritage), and the Nellie Mitchell Programme on Art-EL Symbolism (i.e. interdisciplinary course designed to stretch high-potential students to advance their critical thinking).

CCAs include: Art Club, Drama Club, Guitar Ensemble, Handbell Ensemble, Hildan Chorale (Choir), Hildan Wind Orchestra and Mass Communications (Photography & Videography) Club


Handbell Ensemble


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Hildan Chorale

2019 “Once Upon A Song” performance at Tan Tock Seng Hospital 

Choir 1.png

Euphoria 2019

Choir 2.JPG