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The Computer Applications (CPA) syllabus aims to prepare students to be technologically adept citizens, and to function and contribute effectively in an increasingly technologically-driven world.


Every NT student a confident and responsible users of information technology.


Acquire skills in using a variety of computer application software and hardware to accomplish tasks and communicate ideas;

Appreciate the ethical, legal and security issues relating to the use of computers and ICT in society;

Recognise the impact of ICT on society and people; and

Develop basic computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

Key Programmes

Learning Strategies

We adopt CPA Learning Strategies such as “Peer Drawing” and “Peer Programming” whereby students work in pairs to collaborate on given tasks.
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Learning Journeys
Beside learning computing topics in the computer labs, the CPA Department also organised
learning journey to Science Centre which allows our students to experience the real-world applications of information technology.

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Learning Opportunities

Students that displayed a strong interest and ability in programming were encouraged to participate in external ICT competitions to stretch their programming potential, and hone their communications and, critical and inventive thinking skills.