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Design & Technology


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Design & Technology

                                                   "Every student an innovative thinker"



In Design and Technology, students learn mainly through design-and-make projects guided by a design process.  The design process includes the needs analysis, idea conceptualization, and development, prototyping, and research into areas necessary for each stage in the design process. Students have the opportunity to test their ideas through mock-ups and evaluate their solutions before making further improvements to their prototypes.



Every student an innovative thinker.


The D&T programme aims to impart knowledge and critical thinking skills for problem-solving through interesting design-and-make activities. Besides acquiring knowledge and skills, the programme also inculcates values of mindfulness, empathy, and sensitivity in the areas of social, culture, and environment.


Key Programmes

Lower Secondary Programme

The department aims to develop students in “a way of thinking and doing and visualize and concretize design solutions for real-world contexts”. In the lower secondary programme, the students have the opportunity to apply basic design and basic technology through sketching and manipulation of 3D mock-ups and resistant materials like plastics, wood, and metals.

Enrichment Programme

The Secondary Three enrichment programme by Design Rete equips and exposes students to various ideation methodologies to generate ideas and conceptual development in the previous year. Methods such as extracting the essence, combining functions, and morphing techniques are taught. Cardboard prototyping also enables students to develop skills in form manipulation and in visualizing and translating 2D sketch to a 3D model.

Lower Secondary Programme                                                                        1) Using Thinking Routine (Observe-Interpret-Imagine) in Collaborative Learning


2)Prototyping of Recipe Holder Using Resistant Materials


3) Other Past Projects                                                                                    A) Pencil Holder cum Handphone Holder


B) Display for Toy Plane