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Applied Learning Programme

St. Hilda’s Secondary embarked on the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) - iTHink: The Hildan Approach to English Language Learning at the beginning of this year with the Secondary One Express and Normal Academic students. The school has selected the subject - English Language - as the platform to develop critical thinkers and effective communicators, an outcome that is aligned to MOE’s ALP initiative of connecting academic knowledge and thinking skills with the real world.  Lessons are designed to engage students in the co-construction of learning new knowledge as they develop 21st century competencies and the desired disposition of being future ready.  In addition, the core level programme for Secondary Ones is public speaking with the incorporation of toastmaster skills.   The intended outcome is to mould Hildans who are able to form opinions and justified viewpoints.  Next year, the ALP programme would be extended to include the Secondary Two Express and Normal Academic students.  Indeed, Hildans completing the ALP programme over the four/five years of their secondary school life would exhibit the Hildan Distinctive - a Confident, Caring and Disciplined Leader.

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English – Art Symbolism

The English – Art Symbolism, an inter-disciplinary approach to the teaching of English and Art with the use of ICT, was offered to the pupils of Secondary 2E. The programme focussed on teaching the use of symbols to advance critical thinking through

  • Acquiring Perspective-Taking Techniques (Baloche, Hynes, and Berger 1996) - the capacity to understand multiple viewpoints on a given topic.
  • To develop an appreciation of the differences and similarities between various disciplines (Art, English and English Literature in this case) and how to present/ express a viewpoint using multiple avenues/ disciplines to convey the message.
  • Interpreting symbols used by others in Art or Literature and adapting it to create a new and unique meaning.

The students showcased their work, which highlighted the process of their development of ‘original’ symbols and their personal expressions of it, in an exhibition which was held in the Black Box.

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Secondary 2 Overseas Integrated Learning Journey

The Secondary 2 Overseas Integrated Learning (OIL) Journey to Malacca, Malaysia is anchored by the English Language and Literature Department in collaboration with the Humanities Department. The objective of this learning journey is to provide a rich authentic learning experience to our students. The students assumed the role of a member of the Singapore Heritage Society and were engaged in a problem-based learning task on preserving Singapore’s heritage. The final product of the learning journey was a report where students made recommendations on how the government could preserve Singapore’s heritage sites, which incorporated Malacca’s success factors.  

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