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Food & Consumer Education


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Food & Consumer Education

                                         "Our pupils can confidently prepare healthy meals."


Programmes / Enrichment

FCE in the 21st century is designed with the current and future social and economic landscape of Singapore in mind. It takes into consideration new lifestyles and consumer trends, and therefore, the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of young learners related to health and financial management. 


The vision of the FCE curriculum in St. Hilda’s Secondary School is to empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers; by equipping students with basic culinary skills, knowledge of nutrients and recipe modification for various diet-related diseases enabling them to better manage their lives for the present and the future.


The syllabus aims to enable students to:

a. understand the importance of nutrition for long-term health
b. apply basic principles of consumer education such as reading food labels
c. appreciate and develop an understanding of food, nutrition and trans-cultural awareness in the global context
d. nurture and develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity, a spirit of enterprise, innovation, and aesthetic 
    awareness; to make informed and discerning food and consumer-related decisions

Programmes / Enrichment

Students are engaged in various pedagogies to spur their interest in nutrition and culinary arts.

Blended Learning
Students are engaged through the use of Padlet as a discussion platform. Kahoot and SLS quizzes are used to engage students interactively and gauge students understanding of lessons. 

Guided Hands-On Practical lessons
Students will learn to prepare main dishes and desserts through various skills such as cutting skills, cake making skills and batter making skills. Student are exposed to both moist and dry heat cooking methods such as boiling, baking, frying and grilling.