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                                                     "Every student a problem solver."

Key Programmes / Enrichment



Mathematics helps us better understand and describe the world around us. It is all around us, in technology, in buildings etc… Learning the subject develops thinking, competencies and dispositions that are developed through learning the subject.

We hope to provide in SHSS, a curriculum which is mathematically rich, offering students opportunities to learn important concepts and procedures with understanding. We hope to provide opportunities where students develop themselves as confident users of mathematics and become creative problem solvers, able to articulate and communicate their reasoning and ideas and results effectively. A place where students develop a love for mathematics and engage actively in mastering it.


Every Pupil A Problem Solver and An Engaged Learner


To develop in students a love for Mathematics and as confident users of mathematics. To develop our students as lifelong learners who continue to grow in their chosen professions and transfer the skills and dispositions they have acquired to life and work.

Key Programmes / Enrichment

Finance Club Programme in collaboration with Barclays Bank Singapore

This programme is targeted at Secondary 3 Express students offering Additional Mathematics. The objectives of the programme are to evoke curiosity in Financial Mathematics through authentic learning, to experience reality in the Financial sector, and to effect changes. Participants in this programme will learn from bankers in Barclays about the relevance of Mathematics in the Financial sector, and receive opportunities to experience some day-to-day workings of the bank. At the end of the programme, participants will share their learning with the Secondary 3 cohort as part of their post-exam activities.


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Singapore Mathematical Olympiad

This programme is targeted at Secondary 4 Express students offering Additional Mathematics. The objectives of the programme are to enhance the mathematical thinking and ability of students, and to engage and enrich the learning experience of students. During training sessions, participants will be exposed to complex, non-routine problems which involve unconventional and creative problem-solving approaches. Topics beyond the O Level syllabus may also be discussed. In 2019, the school achieved one Honourable Mention in the Open Category (Yang Yizhang of Sec 4F).