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Mother Tongue


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Mother Tongue

"To nurture effectively bilingual speakers and enthusiastic learners of MT language and culture."


Programmes / Enrichment 

To nurture effectively bilingual speakers and enthusiastic learners of Mother Tongue (MT) language and culture through authentic learning experiences.


Every Hildan an effective bilingual speaker and lifelong learner.


To nurture independent and lifelong learners by cultivating and sustaining students’ interest in the learning of the MT languages.

Programmes / Enrichment 

Chinese Language  (CL)

Mother Tongue Fortnight activities allow authentic usage and exposure to MT language  Students are exposed to a wide range of activities that help them to develop a deeper appreciation of the culture, history and values of the MT languages.

Under the Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES), we also engage students in Chinese drama and Chinese culture related performances.

Chinese Language competitions for greater exposure and learning opportunities beyond the school.

Malay Language (ML) 

ML Cultural Workshop for the Lower Secondary ML students. Students are exposed to authentic Malay cultural experiences.

Tamil Language (TL)
TL oratorical, debate and writing competitions provide ample learning opportunities from peers beyond the school.

Learning Journeys provide authentic learning experiences to the Tamil Language students.