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                                                  "Healthy, Active Hildans for Life."


Using the three prong approaches of Exposure, Experience and Extension (3Es) to provide depth and breadth in physical learning (3Es). They refer to:

Inculcating every pupil the basic skills in various sports from each of the three game categories: territorial/invasion, net/barrier, and striking & fielding, through physical education (PE) lessons and school sports programme. The programme includes appreciating and understanding the value of physical education and its relationship to a healthy, active lifestyle and to develop positive character demonstrated by sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation.

Providing ‘apex’ events and opportunities for each pupil to apply what they have learnt to improve sporting competency and reinforce learnings.
To give pupils the sporting experience that is fun and inclusive, activities in sports events are often customised to suit the different abilities of pupils and to provide various levels of challenges to engage our pupils.

Extending our lessons to take on an interdisciplinary approach to promote experiential learning and to provide teaching / learning opportunities beyond the typical ‘4-walled’ classroom.  


Develop pupils to be ‘Healthy Active Hildan (HAH) for Life’ with positive values, mental toughness and positive social behaviour including 21st CC across various experiences.


The objective of the Physical Department (PE) Department is to make physical activities a way of life, be they for recreation and well-being, personal challenge and achievement, anchored on a strong foundation of fundamental motor skills and knowledge. In addition, PE provides a good platform for building character and developing self-management and positive social skills.  

Programmes / Enrichment

Cross Country

Our school Cross Country is held every year at various locations.  One of the objectives of our Cross Country is to remind both staff and pupils to live healthy lifestyle. In addition, the value of perseverance is emphasized and encouraged.
To cater for the various ability levels, our Cross Country consists of various categories eg. Biathlon, Challenge Run, Orienteering Run and Mass Run according to the intensity level. 



Sports Day

This is much anticipated event for our students whereby students have the opportunity to participate in both field and track events. Prior to the event, students are taught the techniques of the track and field events and to imbue in them the Olympic spirit. Exciting novelty events like the ’End Game’ Challenge are included to create more participation. 

Sports Carnival

The aim is to give opportunity to our students to learn new sports to cater for wide range of interest and abilities. It also provide good opportunities for exploration of new interest and positive psychosocial development. Popular sports like water soccer, bubble soccer, bossaball, etc. are introduced after getting informal feedback from pupils and teachers.


Para Games
The main message throughout the Games is to have a heart of gratitude of how blessed we are, and to empathise with those 
who have physical limitations, yet still going strong in life (think our SG Para Athletes). Students are exposed to sports like wheelchair basketball, goalball and handicapped handball.


Interclass Games

Students have the opportunity to compete in the games learnt during their PE lessons. The competitions are mainly tiered to allow students to compete with others in similar ability groups. It provides the platform for students to foster co-operation among their teammates, making moral decisions and displaying values like fair play and sportsmanship.


Collaborative Platforms

Over the past four years, our Outdoor Education (OE) lessons take on an collaborative approach to promote experiential learning and to provide teaching / learning opportunities beyond the typical ‘4-walled’ classroom.  For example, students applying the knowledge learnt in ‘Ondeh-Ondeh’ dessert making lesson in the Kitchen, but using OE equipment like solid fuel burners, mess tins to boil water and adding ‘pandan’ leaves from the school garden – all in the ‘outdoor kitchen’.  Back in class, students reflected on the differences (‘compare & contrast’) between cooking in the kitchen vs the outdoors using worksheets, facilitated by the FCE teacher. 

For Sec 1 Geographic Investigation (GI) learning journey to Pasir Ris Park, OE collaboration includes applying map reading ‘theory’ in Geography lessons into the ‘real world’ – specifically map scales, distances, map orientation, plotting and reading 6-figure grid references.  OE also helps to guide the overall safety & conduct of the event. 


MOE-OBS Challenge 

As part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan, the MOE-OBS Challenge Programme seeks to develop ruggedness, resilience, and build cohesion amongst Secondary 3 students. The programme comprises a series of school-based Physical Education and Character and Citizenship Education lessons facilitated by teachers as well as a five-day expeditionary course at Outward Bound Singapore (OBS).


Inclusive PE Programme

This year, the department partnered with Singapore Disability Sports Council on Project ParABLE, to foster the spirit of empathy among our Hildans as they engage in customized lessons for their school mates with physical disabilities. A customized 4-week Table Tennis module programme in Term 3 was implemented for our students with physical disabilities and for their classmates to learn the sport of Para Table Tennis. Students from these classes had a chance to be coached under the watchful eyes of Coach Goh (Table Tennis Association for the Disabled), and had fun sparring with National Para Athletes. We are appreciative of the support from SDSC, and will explore more opportunities to create meaningful PE experiences for our Hildans. 


Game for Life Programme (GFL)

Our school is partnering with SportSG to implement the ‘Game for Life’ (GFL) toolkit for our PE lessons to intentionally infuse positive values during PE lessons. The toolkit provides a structure for developing character through sports and outdoor education. It features the use of game activities that enable teachers to create teachable moments where learning values can be infused into the lesson experience for every student.