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The objective of the PE Department is to make Sports a way of life - Provide depth & Breadth in physical learning (3Es) Approaches.

The depth and breadth of physical learning is through Exposure, Experience and Extension. They refer to:

1) Inculcating every pupil the basic skills in various sports from each of the three game categories: territorial/invasion, net/barrier, and striking & fielding, through physical education (PE) lessons and school sports programme. Expanding the opportunities for each pupil in non-sport CCA to develop positive association with physical activity via Sports Education Programme (Sport Exposure).

2) Providing the opportunities for each pupil to compete in intra-school sports competitions to improve sporting competency (Sport Experience).

3) Developing and maximising the potential of each pupil in sport CCAs to advance sporting competency via training,

  • inter-school competitions and courses eg. sports psychology, refereeing and scorer workshops (Sport Extension).

CCA Colours Ceremony 2014

Our CCA Colours Award Presentation Day serve as a reminder to all of us both teachers and students to take pride in our respective CCAs, to bring glory to our CCAs, to our school and to God. The school likes to recognize the many CCAs that have done well last year. The Awards are divided into two categories. The category of awards represented by the blue streamers are achievement in zonal schools competitions or within a community. The second category of awards represented by the red streamers are for achievement in the National schools competitions.

Cross Country 2014

This year, our annual Cross Country was held at Bedok Reservoir. One of the objectives of our Cross Country is to remind both staff and pupils to live healthy lifestyle. In addition, the value of perseverance is emphasized and encouraged.

To cater for the various ability levels, our Cross Country consist of 3 main categories that is, Challenge Run, Orienteering Run and Mass Run according to the intensity level. This year, the PE department incorporated a new event Orienteering Runwhereby participants will navigate using maps with 6-digit MGRs to reach the finish point. This event provides a climax to the collaboration between the Humanities and PE departments in map reading and outdoor education.

The Cross Country was a success as many participants showed their perseverance to finish the race and through teamwork all are able to complete the Orienteering Run within the stipulated time. We are also encouraged to have our two vice principals pairing up to compete in the Orienteering Run.

Well done all.

Sports Carnival 2014

'2014 has been a great year as the PE department organised a large scale Sports Carnival for our Hildians. We introduced some new activities like Bossa Ball, Urban Gym, Water Soccer, Nerf Blaster, Jitjutsu, Floor ball and Lacrosse. All 7 games were played concurrently on 2 separate days for the upper secondary and lower secondary. The spirit of sportsmanship was brought out to the fullest as we awarded students not only for winning but also for displaying care and excellence. We look forward to bringing more quality sporting events in 2015!'

Life-Long Learning Programme
Pathfinders Pilot with National Sports Institute (NYSI) NYSI will link schools with national athletes who could serve as Pathfinders. Pathfinders are individuals who can support the holistic development of students by inspiring and modelling multiple pathways to success, showcasing exciting possibilities for learning, and guiding them to make informed education and career choices. The Pathfinder for our school is Ms Charmaine Soh (our alumni and National Netball Goal shooter).

 NYSI will work with us on the following:
  •  1 general life skills session for our Lower Secondary cohort in Term 1, 2017
  •  1 session of technical skills sharing from athlete to CCA sporting team 
  •  1 session of mental strategies towards sporting excellence 

In addition, our alumni Sharon (staff from NYSI) conducted a mental strategies workshop for our Netball girls. Our National Netball player, Ms Kimberly Lim, was also present to inspire our girls with her sharing.