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Leadership Development


Established in 2000, the Student Council continues to lead the student body by exemplifying good attitude and conduct, and aims to serve the school with zeal and purpose.

Members serve in the Events, Public Relations, Welfare, Junior Councillor and the Level Executives Committees, with the EXCO made up of the Head and Vice Heads of each committee.

At St. Hilda’s Secondary School, we believe that every pupil can be a leader, albeit with different levels of potential. Thus, our student leadership Programme strives to nurture all Hildans to become confident, caring and disciplined leaders for the common good. 

Strategically, the Student Leadership Programme strives to provide the following for all Hildans: 

  1. Structured leadership training; 
  2. Leadership opportunities both formal and informal; 
  3. Affirmation of and recognition for the leadership qualities.

    Student Leadership Development Programme Focus

    Secondary One: Self Leadership

    Secondary Two: Peer Leadership

    Secondary Three: Empowered Leadership

    Secondary Four/Five: Inspired Leadership

    Student Leadership Development Framework
    The Student Leadership Development Framework is a guiding principle that allows Hildans to develop and hone their leadership skills and qualities at the various tiers of leadership using the 3Es approach – exposure, experience and extension.

    Student Leadership Development Framework

    a. Nomination & Appointment
    Nomination of Junior Councillors (Sec 1 and Sec 2) takes place in Term 1 annually. Nominations may be made by teachers, peers and aspiring pupils themselves. The criteria for nomination include:

    • Good academic performance
    • Good discipline record
    • Leadership potential

    Nominees are invited to an interview after which shortlisted candidates will then be placed on probation in Term 2 during which they are mentored by their seniors. Once the candidates have passed the probation period, they will prepare for the Student Leaders Investiture held in May, and subsequently join the Student Council officially as a full-fledged Junior Councillor.

    b. Role of Student Council Committees

    1. Public Relations Committee is the face of the student council in the school. They are in charge of the publicity of council-run school events and provide support for the Corporate Communications committee in representing the school to school partners, foreign visitors, and the public. The PR Committee also produces the student council newsletter #council culture sharing the stories of the work that the Council does throughout the year and maintains the Student Leadership webpage on the school website. Lastly, the Committee also takes up the role of the Emcee at school assemblies.

    2. Events Committee is the driver of the council events throughout the year. The committee consists of event managers who are deployed to oversee the planning and execution of council events and school events (E.g. Teachers’ Day) as well as the documentation of such events. Student Council General Meetings are also held and managed by the Events Committee

    3. The Welfare Committee is the heart of the student council, managing its internal administration, and attending to the welfare and bonding of the Student Council and hence the student body as a whole. One such example would be the support they provide to the school Innovation Committee, following up on the online Student Suggestion Board. The Committee also leads the student body onward to care for others. They manage and operate the Hildan Corner, garnering support from the student body in raising funds for a worthy cause.

    4. Junior Councillors Committee is the guiding hands for the newly appointed councillors in Student Council. The committee provides support as well as guidance to new team members as they hold the newly appointed councillors to the high expectations and standards of the Student Council. Besides support and guidance, the Junior Councillors Committee also plans bonding activities to make the junior councillors feel at home in the Council. They also lead the school in Singspiration at morning assemblies.

    5. The Level Executives Committee comprises the Level Executives who ensure that the student council runs like clockwork in its daily duties to meet school procedures and expectations. The committee takes charge of the logistic demands of daily morning proceedings and manages the performance of the councillors for each level.


    Every Hildan an ambassador and leader of influence for the common good.


    To develop and train up leaders for the future


    The objectives of the Student Council are as follows:

    1. Uphold the School’s Mission and Vision.
    2. To build the School Spirit through various school projects.
    3. To provide a platform for Student Leaders to acquire leadership skills.
    4. To nurture a heart of service within student leaders
    5. To work closely with teachers and pupils in all aspects of school development and improvement


    To empower our student leaders to lead and make changes, our newly elected Student Council Executive Committee members took on new initiatives as part of the fulfilment of their election pledges. These new initiatives include conducting Peer Support talks to all Secondary 1 classes during the post-exam period to prepare the students for life in the next year, providing platforms for talented Hildans amongst us to showcase their talents through ‘Hildans Got Talent’ and organising VIA activities for students interested in giving back to the community.