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Embracing all learners and engendering the joy of learning in our students while creating unique experiences for the Normal stream students help to enhance acquiring of life-skills which are transferable in and outside the classrooms. These purposeful learning experiences also reinforce the values of self-discipline and perseverance.

5NA Memory Mastery Workshop

On 5 March 2018, the 5NA students underwent a memory mastery workshop conducted by Pinnacle Minds to learn techniques that aimed at helping them improve their memory ability. Over the course of five hours, students were taught techniques such as “Number – Shape Method”, “Link – Story Technique”, as well as the “Leitner System”.  At the end of each technique, students worked in groups and were tested using the online tool ‘Kahoot’ to see the improvement in their memory after using the technique. It was an enriching experience for the 5NA Hildans as they were able to see the improvement in their memory after applying each technique, which further boosted their confidence in their ability to manage their subjects. The excitement on their faces as they worked together during the ‘Kahoot’ tests was further evidence of their drive to succeed together as one cohort which embodied the DARE value of perseverance in unity!

2018_5NA_Memory Workshop_Memory Technique Quiz.jpg

2018_5NA_Memory Workshop_Leitner System.jpg

5NA EAE Sharing by Alumni

On 6 March 2018, the 5NA students were given a preview of the requirements and preparation of the Early Admission Exercise (EAE) as their seniors from the class of 2017 who were successful in their EAE applications came down to share some tips on how to prepare for it. In this session, they heard first-hand accounts of interview questions that were asked or the documents that EAE panellists would look out for in a portfolio. From the sharing, the 5NA students had a clearer understanding of what they needed to do in order to prepare for their EAE applications and this empowered them to take ownership of their goals. What was even more encouraging for the teachers was witnessing them reminding and giving advice to one another during the application process. Our efforts were vindicated when there was an increase in the number of successful applicants compared to previous years.

4NA Proem

On 21 September 2018, the 4NA students were treated to a heartwarming yet nostalgic experience as their Secondary 4 year came to a close. The 4NA Proem service was a service that reminded the students on all that they had overcome and achieved, as well as the memories and firm friendships that they had formed during their four years in St. Hilda’s Secondary School. The highlight of the Proem was the video of encouragement recorded by their FTs and subject teachers which served to remind them that they are achievers and hence must continue to give their best. 4B FTs, Mrs Mei Quek and Mr Daniel Phua further added a nice touch by performing the song titled ‘Make you feel my love’ as a form of affirmation for the students. It was certainly a beautiful and heartfelt send-off for the 4NA cohort, and a blissful moment for the DARE committee and the FTs.