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Learning for Life Programme


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Learning for Life Programme

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‘Develop a Whole Person through Sports and Outdoor Education”

With the popularity of our sports programmes both at competitive and recreational levels and in view of sports and outdoor education as good platforms for the development of character, the school LLP is to develop a whole person through sports and outdoor education.

The outcome is to develop pupils to be ‘Healthy Active Hildan for Life’ with positive values, mental toughness and positive social behaviour, including 21 st Century Competencies across various experiences, using the 3E Approach – Exposure, Experience and Extension.

3E Approach


Pupils are exposed to a wide range of sports and physical activities during PE lessons and through other platforms like Sports Carnival. The selection of sports is based on pupil interest, the three games categories, and the types of sports facilities available to the public outside the school.

Affective and cognitive domains like sportsmanship, sports knowledge, tactical and mental capabilities towards developing 21CC skills are incorporated.

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Apex platforms like sports events are organised to enable pupils to apply what they have learnt.

To give pupils the sporting experience that is fun and inclusive, activities in sports events are often customised to suit the different abilities of pupils, provide various levels of challenges to engage our pupils and to inculcate good values. At the school’s Cross Country this year, there were three categories of races (biathlon, challenge run and mass run) for pupils to select.

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To benefit high ability pupils in Sports CCAs, the extension approach includes sports education courses, overseas training, first-aid course and experience in the variety of roles related to sports. The Hildan Sports Excellence Programme (HISPEX) started with the Volleyball Boys’ team is anchored on the philosophy of providing a holistic education for the players. Other key sports CCAs are gradually benefiting from this programme.

Pupils are also encouraged to contribute in sporting or outdoor related events and programmes with school and community focus. 

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‘GAME FOR LIFE’ TOOLKIT’   - intentionally infuse values during PE lessons

Character Development through sports is an important aspect of our Learning For Life Programme (LLP) towards ‘Developing a Whole Person through Sports and Outdoor Education’.

Our school is partnering with Sport@SG and PESTA to introduce ‘Game for Life’ Toolkit to our PE lessons. The Toolkit features the use of game activities to infuse values and attributes for every individual. Values like discipline, teamwork, care are infused into our PE modules of Volleyball, Badminton and Softball.

To further reinforce these values, the school invited National athletes like our alumni Ms Charmaine Soh (Singapore Netball goal shooter), Ms Yip Pin Xiu (ST Athlete of the Year 2015), Mr Melvin Yeo (National Runner) and Mr Kunalan to share and encourage our pupils to grow in character through sports.

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Excellent Sports Facilities

The school has good sports facilities to support our LLP

School Sports Facilities