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Nellie Mitchell Programme


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 The Nellie Mitchell Programme

This programme is named in honour of Miss Nellie Mitchell who was the Principal of St. Hilda’s School in 1947-1959. Under Miss Mitchell’s leadership, the school attained the prestigious Certificate of Efficiency by the Department of Education. Miss Mitchell believed in nurturing the character and spiritual development of every student where values such as integrity, justice, thoughtfulness and truthfulness were constantly impressed upon students. Studying in St. Hilda’s in the 1950s was to receive an education beyond textbooks and the classroom. Many of the students, who entered St. Hilda’s School then, were unable to speak the English language. By the time of graduation, they had become eloquent speakers of the language, hungry for greater knowledge and aspiring to serve others and the community. 

The programme aims to stretch the academic potential and deepen the skills and 21CC competencies of our Sec 2 Express high progress pupils.

The Nellie Mitchell Programme includes the following: 

1.    EL-Art Symbolism Programme

2.    Scientific Thinking Programme (STP)

EL Art Symbolism Exhibition

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The 6-weeks programme integrates 3 disciplines – English Language, Literature and Art – with an emphasis on symbolism.  Through interacting with rich multi-faceted art forms – poetry, pop art in Surrealism and Modern Art – students will learn how language, representation, drawing, colours, layout etc. add layers of meaning to works of art.  

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