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Normal Academic Programme


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Normal Academic Programme

St. Hilda’s Secondary’s customised NA programme adopts the ‘Changing Lives’ approach and is driven by the vision and belief that “Every NA Class is a Good NA Class”. At the Lower Secondary level, the emphasis is on class bonding, level bonding among the NA classes and the building of strong Teacher-Student Relations. Conversely, the focus for the Upper Secondary level is on getting students to be goal-oriented in their studies, to develop study plans and have the discipline to see these through, as well as work together as an entire class to achieve both individual and common goals. Some notable activities in Semester One this year included the Sec 1NA Amazing Race cum picnic (where groups were assigned to plan and purchase the class’s picnic dinner within a given budget), Sec 3NA TAG Archery, and Sec 5NA Dragon Boating. The activities have indeed achieved the desired outcomes of the programme.

Normal Academic Programme Framework

Sec 1NA Amazing Race

Sec 1NA Amazing Race Photos

Sec 3NA TAG Archery 

Sec 3NA TAG Archery Photos

Sec 5NA Dragon Boating

Sec 5NA Dragon Boating Photos