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"Every student actively engaged in his learning experience and motivated towards achieving excellence."


Seeking To Engage our NT pupils Purposefully (S.T.E.P) has provided Secondary 3A and 4A students the opportunities to experience sports such as fencing, rock climbing and tag archery. These sports activities were organised to inculcate in the students resilience, discipline and teamwork.


This year, the enrichment programmes were integrated with English Language, Mathematics, Science, Elements of Business Skills and Computer Applications to allow more authentic learning to take place. To further enhance the concepts learnt during lessons, students went to the Science Centre to learn about bacteria, coding and electronics. They also played games related to Mathematics in the Science Centre.


The Secondary 3A students also had the privilege to present what they had learnt at the Elective Module showcase to the school leaders and staff. Staff were taught how to use the flight simulation and the drones by students. The students also helped staff to analyse their health using measurements of their height, weight and blood pressure.


We are thankful to S.T.E.P for providing a platform for our NT students to grow into confident leaders. 

Pictures of Our Students in Action

STEP Activity - Abseil
STEP Activity - Archery
STEP Activity - Dragonboating
STEP Activity - Fencing
STEP Activity - Film-Making
STEP Activity - Hair-styling
 STEP Activity - Rollarskating STEP Activity - Robotics