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Programmes Pictures (2018)

Seeking To Engage our NT pupils Purposefully (S.T.E.P) has provided Secondary 3A and 4A students the opportunities to experience sports such as fencing, rock climbing and tag archery. These sports activities were organised to inculcate in the students resilience, discipline and teamwork.

2018 has been another glorious and meaningful S.T.E.P. year for 3A and 4A. 

Sports modules like Archery, Kayaking and Clip & Climb were specially organised to engage our NT students purposefully and to inculcate values of resilience, discipline and good teamwork. Workshops introducing students to busking through activities such as diabolo and juggling, and musical instruments like cajon and ukulele, greatly enriched our students in the Arts. 3A had the privilege to present an Elective Module showcase to the school leaders and staff where the Fashion Designers walked their creations down the runway and those who participated in the Aviation module demonstrated how to work a flight simulation. 4A students were given the opportunity to reach out to the community when they participated in the Culinary Art workshop with Chef Sady. All these were valuable opportunities for the students to demonstrate their confidence and leadership skills.


"Every student actively engaged in his learning experience and motivated towards achieving excellence."


4A ClipnClimb[1].jpeg3A EM Fashion[1].jpeg3A Archery[3].jpeg   4A Culinary[1].jpeg
STEP Activity - Abseil
STEP Activity - Archery
STEP Activity - Dragonboating
STEP Activity - Fencing
STEP Activity - Film-Making
STEP Activity - Hair-styling
 STEP Activity - Rollarskating STEP Activity - Robotics