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"Every student actively engaged in his learning experience and motivated towards achieving excellence."


The S.T.E.P Programme leverages on the key learning points derived from various experiential platforms to encourage our upper secondary NT pupils to transfer what they have learnt back to their academic curriculum, and to eventually become engaged learners that possess the courage and discipline to step out and step up in taking charge of their own learning and ultimately, their aspirations. This programme is firmly anchored in our philosophy to fully realise the Hildan Distinctive in every child to become a Leader who is Confident, Caring and Disciplined through a customised curriculum.

The main objective of the programme is Seeking To Engage our NT pupils Purposefully. It was uniquely designed to cater to the learning needs of our NT pupils and to promote meaningful and fun learning beyond typical classroom settings. S.T.E.P is integrated into the formal curriculum time and takes places every Friday.

The following focus areas nurture Character Development and other key competencies:


  1. Sports Development Programme
    To promote good sportsmanship, resilience and teamwork in students through active participation in physical sport activities. E.g. kayaking, dragon boating, fencing, abseiling and archery


  1. Career-Oriented Programme
    To create opportunities for our pupils to pursue their passion and to equip them with skills that will prepare them for future employment. E.g. Culinary Art, Digital Video/Film Making, Hair Styling, Hospitality & Tourism, Entrepreneurship


STEP Activity - Abseil
STEP Activity - Archery
STEP Activity - Dragonboating
STEP Activity - Fencing
STEP Activity - Film-Making
STEP Activity - Hair-styling
 STEP Activity - Rollarskating STEP Activity - Robotics