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Parents Support Group

1) Build resilience for children

2) How to handle different transition phases of children


The PSG mission is embodied in the 4 directions of a compass: N, S, E, W; and stands for Networking, Opportunities for parents, Strengthening cooperation between parents/school, Empowering & Enriching parents in their parenting journey and Wielding the tripartite relationship with the school, parents and students.

PSG Chairman’s Message

No one book or advice can ever teach you how to parent your child as each is so different and unique. But together with other parents and partnering the PSG, we can learn to be the ‘best’ parent to them and help our children thrive towards academic excellence. The PSG consist of a group of parents, committed to learning parenting skills through seminars, activities and the exchange of experiences.

Be a coach and mentor to your child today. Take an interest and be the active parent and participate in any one of the many PSG parenting and bonding seminars and activities throughout the year.

Gordon Tan (Mr)

Testimonial by a Parent

"Parenting teenagers can be liken to a white water rafting experience for me – extremely challenging, full of ups and downs, turbulent, uncertain, ever changing yet exciting and fulfilling. The active and timely communication received from the school through PSG emails, talks conducted by the principal, teachers and external speakers on very relevant topics have provided me much guidance in my venture for the past 3 years."

Julia Foo
Mother of John Lee

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