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Parents Support Group


Parents Support Group


Our parent community continue to grow from strength to strength as new parents join the Parent Support Group. At St. Hilda’s Secondary School, we recognise the importance of parents as a partner in the development of the students and fully support our parents in strengthening their parenting skills through the FamilyMatters@Schools programme. It is very heartening to see our parents dedicating their Saturday mornings to engage experts as they pick up tips and new skills on how to better engage their teenagers. It is certainly not just about the serious matters as our parents also have fun as they support our school events. Many of you would have seen our PSG members playing the pie face game during the carnival and decked out in their ethnic costumes during the Racial Harmony Day celebrations. We are grateful to the generous contributions from parents as they gave out free food taster samples during Racial Harmony Day, bought biscuits for our Night Study Programme and contributed to the graduation gift for the Class of 2019.



The best educational experience for our children in St. Hilda’s Secondary School.


To partner school's efforts in nurturing our children as confident, caring and discipline leaders through close communication and collaboration with school, and cultivating good parenting among parents


The PSG mission is embodied in the 4 directions of a compass: N, S, E, W; and stands for Networking, Opportunities for parents, Strengthening cooperation between parents/school, Empowering & Enriching parents in their parenting journey and Wielding the tripartite relationship with the school, parents and students.

The SHSS/PSG Model:

Proverbs 22:6 (ESV) “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

1.     Communication for mutual partnership with school.

        a.     Strong communication between the parents and school enhance  understanding between both parties

        b.     Strong communication encourages transparency

        c.     Strong communication encourages trust between parents and school


2.     Collaboration with the school.

        a.     Serving and involvement in school’s programme help parents understand the school’s approaches for our children’s                development

        b.     Set an example for our children on servanthood (Service to school)

        c.     Simply just being part of the school community


3.     Cultivating good parenting

        a.     Strengthen relationship among parents

        b.     Supporting fellow parents in the journey as we bring up teenagers

        c.     Sharing of good practices in parenting


 Collaboration with school programme

 These are the programmes that parents can come in and support the school.

·       Sports Day

·       Racial Harmony Day

·       Teachers' Day

·       Hildans Night Study Programme

Cultivating good parenting skills

 Parenting journey can be pleasant for some and monstrous for others. Often our children changes as they grow up but as parents, we do not catch up with their growth. We wonder what happen to our children. Through the PSG, we hope to create an environment where the home compliments what the school is doing and the school reinforces honour in the family. 

1) Build resilience for children

2) How to handle different transition phases of children

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